Company Profile

Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Ltd. (PAL) is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company that focuses in various battery types under brands "VOLTA" & "OSAKA" for more than 20 years. At first, batteries were manufactured under Technical support of Chloride Industrial Batteries.

Core Values

  •  Integrity & Credibility
  •  Honesty & Accountability
  •  Sense of Ownership
  •  Motivation & Team Work
  •  Speak from the Heart
  •  Innovative Thinking
  •  Environment Friendly

Our Vision

A customer trust winning company believe in quality products through continuous Research & Development ensuring sustainable returns to stakeholders.


"In order to succeed, organizations need to grow: because the world moves forward at an ever-quickening pace, stagnation really means moving backward. Since the company’s very beginning Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Ltd. has continued to demonstrate impressive growth in terms of product offerings, research and development, geographic reach, number of customers, number of employees, and, of course, revenue. This growth has enabled us to be innovative, creative, and among the first—and in some notable cases, the very first—to provide new solutions for the rapidly changing battery industry in Pakistan. By the Grace of Allah, we have achieved our targets, every year, by providing the quality products to the customer through continuous research and development and along with our dedicated workforce. I am quite confident that if we follow our Vision 2020 and its core values, there is no way that we could not post our development supremacy at International level which could lead to expansion of our exports further and to carry our brand names VOLTA & OSAKA to every nook & corner of the world."

Muhammad Haroon Mehmood
Chief Executive Officer